The Creative Process #4: Dinosaurs and Jesus Christ

Matija’s perspective:

Respected audience, you must wonder what lasers, dinosaurs, and Jesus have in common.

They are just small fragments of the greater picture, a mosaic, one might say, of our brilliant minds put together while brainfa…khm brainstorming!  Hope you enjoy, and hope you realize how vegetarians end up eating shit, and Jesus rides a velicoraptor!

The Little Git’s Perspective:
So, right. We’re on our fourth “Creative Process” video. We’re still knee-deep in the sea of lackluster ideas, but know and again a few good ones pop-up. This video isn’t neccessarily about one of those good ideas, but it’s got dinosaurs, the son of God and Internet porn in it. Well, those things are mentioned. They’re not there per se.

Anyways, Jesus is mentioned and all hell breaks loose. Comedy gold.

The Creative Process #3: The Apocalpyse and How to Survive It

Oh, man, you’re gonna love this one!

We took into account your suggestions and comment and made this episode a bit longer and heck of a lot funnier. Or was it “a heck of a lot longer and a bit funnier”? I forget. Doesn’t matter, ’cause you’re gonna love this one!

Remember how we mentioned the idea of filming an impromptu conversation about the impeding Apocalypse? The zombie one, of course. Yeah, well, we decided to do that. And it turned out awesome.

Take a peak.

The Creative Process #3: The Apocalypse and How To Survive It

Tags: guns, ammo, zombies, two girls, one cup

The Creative Process #2: The Snowhite Manifesto

 The Little Git:

Here’s part 2 of our ongoing series, “The Creative Process”. We know you love it. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s got everything: sexy people, witty dialogues, beautiful scenery. The only thing it lacks is gypsies, but we’ll figure out some kind of compromise for future episodes.

Now we’re getting to the interesting part. Ideas! As always, I had a brilliant one. It’s true that Vanja had to get the ball rolling, but once he did, I ran with it so skillfully everyone thought I was playing basketball or some shit. It was wonderful.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, here’s the video:

The Creative Process #2: The Snowhite Manifesto

Take a look, enjoy and tell us what you think 🙂

A Public Service Announcement

Ever wanted to start a project of your own, but didn’t know exactly how to start? Ever wanted to impress that cute neighbor’s daughter with your incredible entrepreneuring skills? Ever had a really great business idea but had no friends to tell it to?

This is your lucky day! Head over to and get started. What are you waiting for?

For our Croatian-speaking audience, here’s a glimps of what the site’s about:

PokreniProjekt je portal za pitanja i rasprave, mjesto gdje mozete
pronaci partnere, razmjenjivati ideje, pratiti radne zadatke za svrhu
proširenja postojeceg posla ili pokretanja novog projekta i gdje
mozete provesti isti od ideje do realizacije. PokreniProjekt Vam
pomaže da učinite onaj prvi korak prema uspješnom vođenju vlastitog

For the rest of you, here’s a translation:

PokreniProjekt is a portal for questions and discussions, a place where you can find partners, exchange ideas, keep track of tasks for the purpose of expanding an existing business or starting a new project and where you can carry out a business plan from an idea to realization. PokreniProjekt helps you make that first step towards running a successful business.

Sounds like just the thing you need?

Give them a visit. You know you want to.

Pokreni Projekt - because you want to.

The Creative Process #1

Matija’s Perspective:

Just to explain to our respected audience what they should expect from this masterpiece!

Well, you must have asked yourself how we create our great movies, how we come by our ideas, are they blessed by the Great Muse?!

Well, here is your chance, take a look at how we work!

This is how it usually happens, except there is a lot more rakia involved, or beer, or both!

Hope you enjoy, tell us what you think!

The Creative Process #1

Vanja’s Perspective:

So there we were, gun in hand, blood running down our faces, staring into each others eyes when we said in a slow tempo: “Now what?”

The zombies got us, we had no idea what’s next, the Nights were over.  So we sat down, took a long breath in, followed by a slow exhale…

Then Matija spoke up: “Let’s get a camera and film this!”. The blood magically disappeared, the guns turned into props and we were in another film that we like to call: The real life and the creative process… What you are about to see isn’t for those faint of heart or lacking in the sense of humor. You have been warned.

The Little Git’s Perspective:

As my comrades mentioned, this little film is about the creative process behind making movies. It’s the first of several in which we give you a glimpse at just how mind-boggingly brilliant we are. Especially me. I’m amazing.

Documentary, mockumentary, epic – call it what you will. Just watch it and let us know what you think. Is this how you brainstorm? Or does your brain, er, storm in a different way?

Comment, love.

Everyone’s a critic

Now that you’ve seen all of the movies from “The Night Trilogy”, you’re probably itching to tell us which you liked the most. Here’s your chance! Speak now or be forever alone.

Also, comment! We like comments. We really like them.

An Exercise in Style #4: Poker Night (The Remake)

The Little Git’s Perspective:
Beautiful. Just... Beautiful.After we’d made the whole damn trilogy, we found ourselves in a tricky situation. The original „Poker Night“, awesome though it was, had a few mistakes thrown in for good measure. Among them, a different actor portraying Mirko. This could not do.

The only option open to us was making a remake. Arguably, we’d already made a sequel („Study Night“, also „Census Night“), so to be real filmmakers we had to do a remake of something. And, really, who’s more deserving of being honored by a remake than us? I ask you.
The end result can be seen here:

Poker Night (The Remake)

A thing of beauty, is it not?

Matija’s Perspective:
Well, what to say? We fell in love in working together and they fell in love with me. Of course, that is perfectly normal. But alas, that is not what we talk about here…

The remake had to be made. So we did it, had a lot of fun and laughs, and almost died from the heat. To finish the epic story of „The Night Trilogy“ with a bang (of a head against doors). Tried to move up with quality and humor.

Hope you like it. And don’t be lazy, post your opinions, I mean words of praise and awe of how great the movies are. 😉

Vanja’s Perspective:
So the first two movies were done. Now we had to remake the first one („Poker Night“) since it wasn’t as satisfying as was intended. Some mistakes were made, both in the original „Poker Night“ and the previous movies. So that had to be corrected.

I got the script at the last minute again, but I’m already used to that and I would have it any other way. I was amazed with the script. It was brilliant to say the least. Comic, with references to the predecessors.

We had one issue though. The camera, we weren’t really familiar with it since it was actually a photo camera that had filming capabilities. Also, our cameraman fell asleep at one point. And I had to look for a parking spot for about 45 minutes because of a football game being held on a nearby stadium. That was mildly frustrating. Another reason why I dislike football, but I digress.

The filming went rather well, I got bitch-slapped a bit, sang a bit (Got the words wrong, -TLG) and shuffled cards a lot. And by a lot I mean about five hours of pretty much nonstop shuffling with a random line thrown in every now and then.

And so now the “Night” series is done. Who knows what’s next? Just wait and see what comes from the great minds of YCOP.