An Exercise in Style #1: Poker Night (Also: Happy Birth Day YCOP!)

Let us tell ye a tale, a tale of friendship, a quest for glory and hard sailin’…

Tharmion - Matija.Tharmion – Matija’s Perspective:
‘Twas a sunny night in ye old 2010.

I was enjoying a pleasant night with my geek friends, babbling idly, sipping beer, when I mentioned how acting and directing were fun and how I would like to do more of that. Before long, a discussion began between the Little Git, myself and a few other quiet people.

It was mainly the two of us who talked more seriously about doing stuff together.

And what a talk it was! I was pretty sure that this would be as it was many times before: everybody starts out eager and yells: “Yes, tomorrow! No, not tomorrow! Let’s do it now”… and that’s where the whole thing stops. Rarely anything happens after the first talk.

You wouldn’t believe it, but the little bugger started writing and came the next week with a script! By that time I was pretty sure nothing new would happen, but, as I said, he wrote the script and I laughed out loud while reading it.
Ok, now we had the script. That’s a step further than I’ve gotten before, but never mind that – it’ll all fall apart soon, I thought to myself… But the little annoying git kept poking and prodding: let’s do it, let’s make a movie. So we did!

“Poker Night” (Unaired pilot)

We started communicating on a more serious note after we realized we were both committed to the idea. So we called up a few people people and shot our first short movie.

Link: two rows up!

We agreed not to plan anything or analyze too much beforehand. “Let’s just do it” was the plan. Afterwards we’d see what went wrong, what we’re good at and what we suck at. This was, after all, an exercise in style.

Little by little we kept on working and one thing led to another. We decided to start this blog, and share our work.

The Little Git. Look at the handsome devil!The Little Git’s Perspective:
Oh, yes, we wanted to make movies.

We wanted a lot of things, but we mostly wanted to make movies. I mean, why not? Really, why not. There are worse things you could do in life. Like being a right-wing activist. Or a rapist.

The idea came about as little more than an afterthought, a drive-by “you know what I’d like to do”. It turned out we weren’t alone in our wants and wishes and that there was a distinct possibility of us actually working together. Go figure.

But hey, that’s what happens when you get a bunch of creative people together and give them a camera. Also, alcohol. You know it’ll end in tears, but you can hope they’ll be tears of joy. Then, at the end of the day, you realize two things:

1) You can’t stop people from expressing themselves.

2) You can’t own property, man.

Anyways, what follows is the story of how it all went down and what to bear in mind if you yourself plan to make an indie movie.

Are you ready? Alright, let’s go.

Vanja, sledgehammin'.Vanja’s Perspective:
It was a rainy day that night… Cold and moist with the sun shining… The seagulls were singing their song of joy above my head, while hunting for squirrels in the carrot garden. My phone rang and I woke up. It was a friend of mine with a very short question: “Do you want to act in a short film?” My automatic response was “yes, I do.” Only a few days later did I realize what I had gotten myself into. A tale of horror and zombies and cameras, sleepless nights and more cameras. Soon after the phone call I got another one, telling me to show up at a very specific time on a very specific place. And so I did.

That night I got the script in my hand, while freezing in a small coffee shop observing a few rather attractive females walk by. I never saw them again. Now, back to the story; the script was short, interesting and I was the cultist. Very fitting. We started filming later that evening and finished even later. At around 4 am. I drove home and slept. Like a baby, minus the peeing and shitting in my bed.

I had fun and I never thought we would continue our journey together.

The Little Git:
Boy, was he wrong.

And yarr, laddy, he was wrooooooooooong!!!!!1one


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  1. Borna says:


    Good luck with future projects. I hope I’ll be able to be a part of one 🙂

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