An Exercise in Style #2: Study Night

Matija’s perspective:

So “Poker Night” wTharmion - made. We got things rolling!

We got very positive feedback from our friends, but we were not satisfied (the Little Git and me, ‘specially). We knew we could do better! There were mistakes that were made, and we expected a couple of those. That was the idea right? Let’s do it and just see what happens. It was an exercise, so to speak… Honestly, we have some silly ones. And these are for us to know and for you to never find out!

As for the sound, we have our equipment to blame… And by that I mean, we made the best movie ever. We decided not to rob the wider masses of such wonderfulness!

So we started working on the follow-up movie. Here’s where Vanja jumped in because Andrej (the guy being the boss in the Pilot) was stuck at work.

Story wise, the movie’s about what happens before “Poker Night”.

“Study Night”

Vanja’s perspective:Not much to say that hasn’t beeVanja, sledgehammin'.n said already, really. I was just called in one day, told that I must act and so I did.

Little did I know how much I was going to have to be on my knees… Not in that way, you pervs! I was playing the role of a cultist that was praying to his dark god…

Really, some people… Anyway, the shooting began shortly after nine o’clock and by ten o’clock I was hating the world. Such pain. I didn’t think I’d need knee pads, but they sure as heck would have been useful. By the end of the shooting I could barely stand up. But it was fun. A new experience and an adventure.

The Little Git’s perspective:

After the sizzling triumph that was “Poker Night”, we decided to do something actuThe Little Git. Look at the handsome devil!ally good.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that bad. It was an exercise in style and as such was a roaring success, especially considering there was little to no planning involved. We managed to surprise ourselves with how awesome we could be without any forethought – just imagine what we could do if we actually put some effort into it!

“Study Night” was another exercise in style, but this time we knew what we were doing. More or less. The script got weirder, the acting got a bit better. As was mentioned, Vanja jumped in, which was a surprise for me. Didn’t really know the guy, but I did see him act. Considering I knew what he would be doing most of the night, I was pretty sure he’d help us with the shoot but refuse to ever talk to us afterwards.

Imagine my surprise when he showed giddy interest in making a few more.

Sweet zombie Jesus, some people are really weird.

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  1. Awesome!
    That is all.

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