An Exercise in Style #3: Census Night

The Little Git’s Perspective:

The Little Git. Look at that pretty face! The third movie in the series was much easier to film than the first two. We learned most of the dance moves, knew  what we had to do and when we had to do it and, also, what to watch out for.

There was a certain degree of planning involved and, as should be expected, nothing went according to plan. The  camera we used up to that point was unavailable, the cameraman lost his cell phone and didn’t know how to get to the  shooting location, the scriptwriter’s brilliant idea of shooting part of the movie in the toilet backfired seeing as

the toilet in question wasn’t so much of a room as it was a trunk and we had a slight problem with the lighting.

Apart from that, everything went according to plan.

Wa managed to procure a different camera, employ a different shooting style (since the camera had to be held, rather than balanced on stilts), shoot the damn thing ourselves and move the plot from the toilet to the room proper.

The end result, with its DIY feel and charming mockumentary approach, turned out rather well.

Census Night

Matija’s Perspective:

Tharmion - Matija. By now we got used working together, and communicating freely so it was relaxed, and a lot of fun, and a lot easier to  work through all the obstacles! As the Little Git said, the plan was perfect, and then it went bust. Still, we simply did it –  no camera, ok, no problem! No cameraman, nooo problem!

Jelena stars in this episode, I mean her neck and hand do! She did an excellent job filming, and it is good to have a  lady on the set, not like on the boats, where you shouldn’t have a lady under any circumstances. Never, ever, never  have a girl on the boat, ‘specially on a pirate ship. Yes, it’s bad luck to have a woman on a pirate ship, but on the set it’s ok. Well, it was a lot of fun…

Vanja’s Perspective:

Vanja, sledgehammin'. I got another call, from the same friend, telling me we will make more! I was thrilled about the fact. Soon after, we  filmed our second short movie: “Census Night”. We almost died a few time that day, even before the filming had  started: I was driving. (Yeah, that usually ends in tears. -TLG)

After the first film was done, I found out why they called me. Turns out it wasn’t for my superior acting skill or Oscar- worthy interpretations of the script. One of original actors couldn’t make it. That’s why. But, that was over, I had done  my holy duty: I had acted. And it was good.

This time, I got the script sooner than the first time. I got it the night before the filming and again, The Little Git created a very fun script that I enjoyed verily. We finished sooner than expected, at only 2 am. And the drive home was great. I slept nicely. And yet here, I couldn’t even dream of what was to happen.


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