We few, we happy few: The Rest of the Crew

Us you know. The trio behind the YCOP project is well known across the land, but who are those brave souls who offer their help and expertise to these three strapping young lads?

Let’s name them, shall we? There’s Watashi, Jelena, Danijel, Blacky and, of course, Andrej. Know their names and remember them well.

We should always remember the little people. Not just the little gits.

Vanja’s Perspective:
So we have a few more people you don’t really see (or do see but are not mentioned anywhere).

First one is Watashi. The man who’s apartment we trash every time we film something. Great guy, very funny. Also, has a shitload of stuff in his apartment you wouldn’t believe. Toys, cards, books; It’s like a candy store for older kids.

Second one is Jelena. She was the camera(wo)man on one of our productions as well as an actress. I’ve known her for some time now and she can be a bit weird, but then again, can’t we all be weird at times?

Third person is our on-duty cameraman, Danijel. He tends to bring all sorts of different cameras, most of them super cool with a shitload of buttons on them. The man is an artist when it comes to image
editing, video creation and camerawork.

Fourth person worth mentioning is Blacky. I’ve seen him only once, but he has been of great help creating an awesome eerie feel on the possession scene in “Study Night”. Unfortunately, don’t know much about him, so I can’t say much.

And last but not least, Andrej – my predecessor. A very talented young man with great acting skills and comic value. I have great respect for that man, both in the acting world and in private life.

That’s our ragtag group of vagabonds that hopes to change the world of entertainment as we know it.

Matija’s Perspective:

Watashi – I don’t know him for a long time, but what I can say with certainty; this man is walking humor-machine!

Jelena – Well, it is clear that geniusness (I’m pretty sure that’s not a real word. -TLG)  runs through my family. She is my cousin. She is a great writer, a very funny cynic and a lot of fun to work with!

Blacky – Great inspiration and motivation, always ready to help, and always with new ideas!

Danijel, the camera guy – Without this man, I am not sure that all this would start to roll. His help is priceless, and without his contribution it would be a lot harder! Also a lot of fun to hang out with!

Andrej, the original „Dude“ – One of my best friends, this man is a great talent, great performer, and a lot of fun! He is a jack of many trades, and always in motion.

This is just the individuals that have been actively involved in the cretive process so far.

There are more people that are always around to help, and provide feedback…

The Little Git’s Perspective:
Watashi – Thanks to him we had a room to viciously ravage during filming. Played the role of a corpse beautifully and convincingly. I think he had some previous experience in being dead. Be sure to check out Lagcity.net! Thar be some hilarious stuff there.

Jelena – The combo breaker in our Sausage Fest. Played a pivotal role in the third Night movie, “Census Night”. At least her voice and cross did.

Danijel – The man behind the camera, except when Jelena took over that one time.

Blacky – An obsessive-compulsive picture taker, Blacky helped out by documenting the filmmaking process and occasionally lying down on the floor and holding up a mic so we’d be only half-unintelligable.

Andrej – The original mad dealer. After tragically being held-up by work, paved the way for Vanja’s ascent into the ranks of YCOP. He’s kinda like Jesus that way.

And that’s the crew so far. Be sure to remember them when we’re rich and famous, so we don’t have to.


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  1. Haha… “The combo breaker in our Sausage Fest”… I like that… :o)

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