An Exercise in Style #4: Poker Night (The Remake)

The Little Git’s Perspective:
Beautiful. Just... Beautiful.After we’d made the whole damn trilogy, we found ourselves in a tricky situation. The original „Poker Night“, awesome though it was, had a few mistakes thrown in for good measure. Among them, a different actor portraying Mirko. This could not do.

The only option open to us was making a remake. Arguably, we’d already made a sequel („Study Night“, also „Census Night“), so to be real filmmakers we had to do a remake of something. And, really, who’s more deserving of being honored by a remake than us? I ask you.
The end result can be seen here:

Poker Night (The Remake)

A thing of beauty, is it not?

Matija’s Perspective:
Well, what to say? We fell in love in working together and they fell in love with me. Of course, that is perfectly normal. But alas, that is not what we talk about here…

The remake had to be made. So we did it, had a lot of fun and laughs, and almost died from the heat. To finish the epic story of „The Night Trilogy“ with a bang (of a head against doors). Tried to move up with quality and humor.

Hope you like it. And don’t be lazy, post your opinions, I mean words of praise and awe of how great the movies are. 😉

Vanja’s Perspective:
So the first two movies were done. Now we had to remake the first one („Poker Night“) since it wasn’t as satisfying as was intended. Some mistakes were made, both in the original „Poker Night“ and the previous movies. So that had to be corrected.

I got the script at the last minute again, but I’m already used to that and I would have it any other way. I was amazed with the script. It was brilliant to say the least. Comic, with references to the predecessors.

We had one issue though. The camera, we weren’t really familiar with it since it was actually a photo camera that had filming capabilities. Also, our cameraman fell asleep at one point. And I had to look for a parking spot for about 45 minutes because of a football game being held on a nearby stadium. That was mildly frustrating. Another reason why I dislike football, but I digress.

The filming went rather well, I got bitch-slapped a bit, sang a bit (Got the words wrong, -TLG) and shuffled cards a lot. And by a lot I mean about five hours of pretty much nonstop shuffling with a random line thrown in every now and then.

And so now the “Night” series is done. Who knows what’s next? Just wait and see what comes from the great minds of YCOP.


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