The Creative Process #1

Matija’s Perspective:

Just to explain to our respected audience what they should expect from this masterpiece!

Well, you must have asked yourself how we create our great movies, how we come by our ideas, are they blessed by the Great Muse?!

Well, here is your chance, take a look at how we work!

This is how it usually happens, except there is a lot more rakia involved, or beer, or both!

Hope you enjoy, tell us what you think!

The Creative Process #1

Vanja’s Perspective:

So there we were, gun in hand, blood running down our faces, staring into each others eyes when we said in a slow tempo: “Now what?”

The zombies got us, we had no idea what’s next, the Nights were over.  So we sat down, took a long breath in, followed by a slow exhale…

Then Matija spoke up: “Let’s get a camera and film this!”. The blood magically disappeared, the guns turned into props and we were in another film that we like to call: The real life and the creative process… What you are about to see isn’t for those faint of heart or lacking in the sense of humor. You have been warned.

The Little Git’s Perspective:

As my comrades mentioned, this little film is about the creative process behind making movies. It’s the first of several in which we give you a glimpse at just how mind-boggingly brilliant we are. Especially me. I’m amazing.

Documentary, mockumentary, epic – call it what you will. Just watch it and let us know what you think. Is this how you brainstorm? Or does your brain, er, storm in a different way?

Comment, love.

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