A Public Service Announcement

Ever wanted to start a project of your own, but didn’t know exactly how to start? Ever wanted to impress that cute neighbor’s daughter with your incredible entrepreneuring skills? Ever had a really great business idea but had no friends to tell it to?

This is your lucky day! Head over to blog.pokreniprojekt.com and get started. What are you waiting for?

For our Croatian-speaking audience, here’s a glimps of what the site’s about:

PokreniProjekt je portal za pitanja i rasprave, mjesto gdje mozete
pronaci partnere, razmjenjivati ideje, pratiti radne zadatke za svrhu
proširenja postojeceg posla ili pokretanja novog projekta i gdje
mozete provesti isti od ideje do realizacije. PokreniProjekt Vam
pomaže da učinite onaj prvi korak prema uspješnom vođenju vlastitog

For the rest of you, here’s a translation:

PokreniProjekt is a portal for questions and discussions, a place where you can find partners, exchange ideas, keep track of tasks for the purpose of expanding an existing business or starting a new project and where you can carry out a business plan from an idea to realization. PokreniProjekt helps you make that first step towards running a successful business.

Sounds like just the thing you need?

Give them a visit. You know you want to.

Pokreni Projekt - because you want to.


2 Responses to A Public Service Announcement

  1. Ova slika ispod “you know you want to” vodi na samu sebe 😀

  2. YCOP says:

    Much obliged, ispravljeno 🙂

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