The Creative Process #4: Dinosaurs and Jesus Christ

Matija’s perspective:

Respected audience, you must wonder what lasers, dinosaurs, and Jesus have in common.

They are just small fragments of the greater picture, a mosaic, one might say, of our brilliant minds put together while brainfa…khm brainstorming!  Hope you enjoy, and hope you realize how vegetarians end up eating shit, and Jesus rides a velicoraptor!

The Little Git’s Perspective:
So, right. We’re on our fourth “Creative Process” video. We’re still knee-deep in the sea of lackluster ideas, but know and again a few good ones pop-up. This video isn’t neccessarily about one of those good ideas, but it’s got dinosaurs, the son of God and Internet porn in it. Well, those things are mentioned. They’re not there per se.

Anyways, Jesus is mentioned and all hell breaks loose. Comedy gold.

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