Who are these three brilliant minds?

Who’s me?

Vanja, sledgehammin'.I’m a 27 year old guy, living in Croatia, doing absolutely nothing for a living. I love acting, and recently I found an interest in editing films and subtitling them. But enough about me.

I first came to know about Matija while dating his cousin. Turns out, he’s a nice guy. Matija. Not his cousin. His cousin is a nice girl. Not a guy. Just to make things clear. Anyway, who knew he’d be ok! We started hanging out more and we even went for the entrance examination at the Academy of Drama in Zagreb. We both failed miserably, but that never held us back. We’ve worked on two theater shows so far, one is not yet complete and is on hold at the given moment due to some issues with the location for the show.

As for the Little Git, I came to know him during one rehearsal for the second show Matija and me were making. He came in to see what we’re doing wrong. Turns out we do a lot of things wrong, but hey! That’s why we’re amateurs striving to be professionals. The Little Git was the person behind the Night series. He directed them and starred in them. At first I thought he’d be a complete git. I was wrong. Again. He wasn’t a complete git. He was just a Little Git; persistent and creative with delusions of grandeur… Which I happen to share.

(Vanja Turk)

I be Me, and no one else!

Tharmion - Matija.I was always a dreamer, always wanted to do artsy stuff. Twenty-six winters have passed since I was born and yet I feel young and full of energy to make world-changing pieces … (You are young, grandpa. -The Little Git)

You know, I have a great superpower; I am surrounded with great people, great talents, amazing
actors, writers, people with brilliant ideas and many talents. Truth be told they are a bit rough
around the edges, but hey, nobody’s perfect (except me, of course).

Vanja, hmmm, well the dude can really perform If he wants to. He will blow your mind, after sucking all your nerves through a straw, of course, with all that people-hugging. Really, the dude cannot get enough hugs. If you met the guy save yourself some trouble and just hug him. Seriously, he is a person I have always enjoyed working with, great man with a great sense of humor!

Nighthawk, since recently known as “The little git”, weeeeeell, it’s just amazing what that man does with words! He makes them better, a funny word funnier; just don’t make sudden moves around him. Don’t ask why, just don’t. On a serious note; a great talent, full of energy and wit, quiet and persistent.

(Matija M. – Tharmion)

Yeah, but who am I?

The Little Git. Look at the handsome devil!The youngest of the three, I’m a 23-year old writer living in Croatia, which is kind of like being an Englishman in New York. Only with less Sting. Yup, there’s a hip musical reference for ya. Let the girls come a-flockin’.

When I’m not having totally hot sex with everyone ’cause I’m so creative and awesome, I spend my days writing anything that pops into my head, from short stories to poems, from screenplays to humorous internet posts that will totally make me famous one day. Oh, and I occasionally make the odd movie or two.

I first met Matija at a bachelor party, though it wasn’t until a few months later that we got to know each other a bit better and realized there was all this explosive sexual tension between us. What could we do but start working together for the betterment of mankind and the whole of the movie industry? Drink rakija, yes, but also work.

Vanja I met via Matija, since they worked on a play together. Let me tell you, the moment I heard his deep, booming voice I thought to myself: “Shit, this guy just pissed off half of the animal kingdom south of the Alps.” The fact that he could act – and act in a way that made me giddy as a schoolgirl – only came as a bonus.

Sexual tension, rakija, a booming voice – and you’ve got yourself an acting troupe.

(The Little Git)


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  1. Beshtija (a.k.a. Hug Junky) says:

    Mental note: hug-a-Vanja

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